Why I am on Patreon

So. Patreon. I have been posting requests on Facebook and Twitter requesting people to become patrons of my writing.

Does it feel weird to ask people for money so that I can write?

Yes. It does. There is some awkwardness involved.

But I realise that it is only because a lot of us (myself included, to an extent) have conditioned ourselves into thinking that stories on the web have no monetary value. This, despite the fact that we do pay to read books, newspapers, magazines, comic books etc. The internet, with its ad-supported economy, has done a great job of convincing us that stories, by themselves, are not worth money. So it feels weird when someone on the internet says he wants to get paid for his short fiction.

In reality though, we ask people for money all the time. That's what job interviews are. You essentially ask someone to give you money every month in return for a service that you can provide. That's what a start-up pitch is. The entrepreneur goes to someone who has money and asks them to fund the project because it is something worth building and will change people's lives.

I don’t know how vain it is to call the stories I tell a service, a job, or a startup. But I am betting there are at least some out there who value these stories. I have received enormous support from my readers, listeners, and viewers for years. The only difference this time is that I am asking this for a venture that I myself am running. I am the startup here and you are the investor. And though no single one of you may be able to pay me thousands of rupees every month, together you can help me write more and produce high quality tales of fantasy and adventure on a regular basis.

1hourstory.com is a one-man operation. There is no creative desk, no tech department, no sales or marketing staff. It is all just me. And I love all of it. I want to do this full time. I want to do this without having to bend over backwards for brands and/or clients or advertising agendas. I want to write stories directly for my readers - people who value my writing. I am however, fully cognizant of the fact that a crowd funded creative project like this may take years to stabilise. That's alright. I can wait. I would feel much worse if I never even tried to make this work.

So if you have found my work to be valuable in years past and you think that I should keep doing it and should do it more often and in greater detail and depth, do consider becoming a patron at https://www.patreon.com/vimoh

For membership fees as low as 1 dollar, 2 dollars, and 4 dollars, you can get early access to stories, special subscriptions, and other rewards. More details on the page.