What have I done?

When I look back at my career as a writer / creative person, the one thing that emerges from within all the chaos is that I have always told stories. But also, that I haven’t ever had much of an idea regarding what it was that I was doing. I have chosen work not on the basis of career path but because they were fun and interesting.

Now that I have spent close to two decades doing these things, it seems like time well spent. Because I have occasionally dabbled in work that requires formal clothes and regular hours, I know that I haven’t not missed much. In fact, the amount I have learned fending for myself in what might be described roughly as the story market is priceless compared to what many people get from their jobs.

Since I am making videos about the creative life on my YouTube channel, I figured I will take a look back at some of the creative projects I have undertaken during my career.

Watch the video here!

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