We are India's new IT Cell

Let's get something straight. The IT cell is not even close to being full of geniuses. Quite the contrary in fact. As is evident to anyone who has ever dealt with one of these wastes of time, most of them have the intelligence of a small dehydrated cabbage and the communication skills of a wet fart. The reason they have managed to overtake discourse, poison families, and destroy how India sees itself is simple - numbers.

The IT cell is essentially a brute force attack. It is not smart, it's just large. Remember how they have been discovered to just copy paste text from a damn Google Doc? Remember how you tried to insult a troll and you failed because they are too fucking dumb to understand the insult? It is clear that we are not up against a particularly smart lot. Recently, an enterprising techie took out more than a lakh fake Twitter accounts that were spreading crap online.

It took one pissed off guy to destroy a million fake digital personas. If we, the pissed off real digital people of India, take it upon ourselves to demolish this propaganda machine, the simple truth is that we can.

The BJP keeps passing laws without consulting people and ordinances in the dark of the night because it assumes there is no Opposition. But as we have seen, there is an Opposition. We are the Opposition. And now, I think, we are also India's IT cell.

We aren't new to social media. We aren't technophobes. We know more in fact, than the average IT cell dunderhead. We make our livings online. We are the ones they think are politically unaware. We're the ones they think can be misled with hashtags like #chill and #bro.

This isn't right. This needs to stop. They need to be reminded that the modern Indian netizen is more than a consumer and can not only refuse to fall for lies, but also tell others who the liar is and what the danger in the lie is. These coming months and years are going to have to be lived with awareness. Read, understand, discuss, and spread the word. Be heard in your family WhatsApp groups and among your colleagues. Somewhere in the near past, we stopped getting pissed at bigots and the bigots grew comfortable.

Time to take that comfort away from them. Time to disinvite people, to ask questions, to call out bigotry, and even end relations with those who support this horrid new partition on religious grounds. The good news is, this new IT cell won't need fake news or abuse to make its points. The list of this regime's actual failings is long.