The middle-class map to our politics

In case anyone is wondering why India's privileged middle class behaves the way it does, here is an index of sorts. If you watch closely, it's reflected in everyday behaviours we see in our own homes. Simple things that are now playing out on a national and international front. 

Why do they not question the government they put in office?

"Badon se sawaal karta hai? Iskii himmat dekho toh! Dande padenge toh akal aayegi.

Why do we gag our media when it criticises us and brings foreign attention?

"Padosiyon ke saamne naak kataa dii isney. Aaj se tera ghar se nikalna band!

Why do we protect criminals as long as they couch their appearance in religiosity?

"Nahi nahi. Woh toh puja paath karne waale aadmi hain. Wo aisa kar hii nahi sakte!

Why do we blame victims of state violence instead of holding the powerful to account?

"Maarenge nahi toh kya karenge? Tuune hii kuchh kiya hoga! Warna kyun maarte tujhe! Babuji ko gussa mat dila!

The people who rule us are only a problem because we are. Good politics emerges from a good culture. Bad politics is a result of bad social practices. The first steps towards an equal society must therefore be taken in our own homes. Stand up to bad behaviour everywhere