The easy stuff

Having an opinion is easy

You already have an opinion about most things. You express these opinions too. Everyone else also has opinions. Because it is easy to have opinions. We sometimes think our opinion is important and we give it to everyone within earshot. This is fine within reasonable limits. But in this age of 24-hour news channels and 60-second conversations, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your opinion can change things. The thing that changes the world is something else. Hint: One word. Six letters. Rhymes with Traction.

Falling in love is easy

You think what you are feeling is unique and has never before been felt by anyone ever. But deep down, you know that is not true. Combined with brain chemistry, your physiological needs are asserting themselves and this concoction of mundane and everyday forces is tricking you into rosy dreams. Unlike the opinion affliction however, this one wears off soon. In its place comes the realisation that there are responsibilities and duties here that you had not foreseen. If you are brave enough to face this new reality head on, you just may be worthy of the love you dreamed of.

Making plans is easy

In the course of a single day, you make more plans than a person two generations behind you dared make in his lifetime. You plan to buy objects that are far beyond your financial reach. You plan to one day quit your job and write a book. You plan to travel to a faraway land and meet a beautiful stranger and you plan to change the world with the things you build. Everyone does this. You are not alone. If making plans makes you feel better, you are missing the point.

Getting ideas is easy

I would be comfortably well off if I had a rupee for each time someone came up to me and said they had a great idea which they would like me to execute and then we could share in the spoils 50–50. What they did not understand that there is NOTHING great about having an idea. Everyone has ideas. And not even bad ideas. Good ideas. Great ideas. But in the end, it is the execution that matters. The be-all and end-all of any creative project is the execution. Thinking up ideas is a useful talent only if you are also skilled and motivated enough to execute it and build something out of it.

Taking offence is easy

If you look around right now and try to find something to get angry about, you won’t have to wait long. You can get offended at downright silly things. And even when you get offended because of something serious, more often than not, the offending party did not intend to give offence. For the most part, offence is taken, not given. Three scrolls into your Twitter timeline and you have discovered either three reasons to get offended or thirty people offended about something. It didn’t take effort. Outraging is the easiest thing to do.