The Demonised Will Write Your Legacy

I am seeing some whining from the Right about how the protesters take such amazing iconic pictures when they are being attacked and arrested and shot at.

The frustration is understandable. It's inconvenient, isn't it? It's frustrating for you because it doesn't allow you to spin things to make it look like you're the victims of "evil Muslims" and "violent urban naxals". It would have been so much better if you could set the entire narrative by cherry-picking clips and sound bytes and then broadcasting them through your lapdog TV channels.

It’s annoying isn't it, that the ones you seek to demonise can tell their own stories as well. And this frustration comes on top of the frustration that despite your best attempts to turn protesters violent, you have failed to do so. That despite your abuse, slurs, and hate, the students have not turned violent and continue to wave the Indian tricolour and sing the national anthem. You realise the power of positive storytelling of course, which is why your side has implemented internet bans more than once in many places where protests were happening.

Ek galti kar dii "thakur" - Instagram generation se panga le liya. If there is one thing these kids can do, it's taking pictures and videos of themselves with their friends. They will do it in restaurants while eating fine food, yes. But they will also do it on the roads where they are being attacked by forces which seek to divide India and blame it on them. Your stories - your own view of your actions - will not be the only stories that are told. Your TV channels can scream as hard and as long as they want, your narrative will not be the only one.

The story being told by these young may not be as loud as yours and it may not reach as many people as yours does, but IT WILL EXIST. Through their words and their art and their photography and their mobile videos, these annoying kids will write your legacy. You're history!