My new YouTube channel!

So I have a new YouTube channel. I am going to use it to publish videos on the same topics that I write essays on here — atheism, materialism, philosophy, and contemporary Indian culture.

I am still getting used to facing the camera, but I have published a few 1-minute videos which are basically me answering some questions that I get most frequently on Quora (hence the name of the channel — Ask Vimoh).

Or visit the channel main page here and subscribe.

I have long wanted to do a YouTube channel of my own but always pushed it away because I was “not ready”. I decided recently that I was never going to be ready unless I started. So I started. And since I started, I figure I will give you all the first glimpse of it.

So go watch and subscribe and like and share if you feel like it. Just remember. These are my first attempts. Things will get better.