Hyderabad and stuff...

Things are happening kind of fast around here. Mythofiction just crossed 500 listens and a proper website will be up in the next month. In the meantime, here is what else has been up and is going to be up.

InfluencerCon 2019

I am going to be at InfluencerCon 2019 in Hyderabad on November 22 and 23. Specifically, on a panel discussion about podcasting. I will share more details as soon as I have them. You can check out the event, other participants, and book tickets on the event website here.

Yugantar Episode 4

Also, the next episode of the Yugantar series is up on the Mythofiction podcast. You can listen to it here (android), here (iPhone), or here (Spotify). Or if you use some other audio app like JioSaavn or Castbox, you can just search for “Mythofiction” and click on the subscribe (or follow) button to get all episodes.

Of course, if you have never listened before, you should start at the beginning. All links and all episodes are here on the Mythofiction website. Mythofiction is also on Twitter and Instagram, so follow there if you want to chat or provide feedback.

…and interview

And finally, the first part of my interview with the Passion People Podcast, if you didn’t catch it last week, is still up and can be listened to here. The second part should be out this week. Subscribe to The Passion People Podcast here so you don’t miss it.

That’s pretty much it for this week. Feedback and hi-hello messages welcome of course. Just hit the reply button. Bye for now.