How to "debate" with pro-CAA folks

Here's something you can do to convince people who want to "debate" the CAA with you. Their point is that the CAA is not a law that takes citizenship away, right? That it simply speeds up citizenship for some specific communities and that that is not discrimination, right?


Start putting it into practice. When they ask you for something, tell them that you have heard their request, but you are going to prioritise certain other people first. Tell them you aren't discriminating against them specifically. It's just that you have decided to speak to others first. Do this when they ask you for a file, or if they want to talk to you about something, or when they want you to focus on something urgently.

If they protest, tell them you don't understand why they are getting so agitated. It's not as if you are refusing them anything. It's just that at the moment, you are choosing to prioritise other people's requests because... reasons - think of something.

Tell them the people you are prioritising have long been ignored by you and you are simply making up for the fact that you haven't been able to make much time for them in recent times. Tell them they are not being specifically targeted because they're pro-CAA. Tell them that has nothing to do with it. Tell them they are being needlessly suspicious and that such behaviour ruins their image among their friends and colleagues. Tell them they should calm down and accept the way things are happening and not cry "discrimination" at the drop of a chaddi. And smile kindly (like Sadguru) as you tell them these things - that's very important. Tell them anger won't solve anything.

Do this to them every chance you get until they stop defending the CAA with “logic” that is manifestly twisted or until they accept that fancy-schmancy defences of brazenly obvious discrimination does not fool anyone even if it is decorated with tulips from heaven.