Communal Head, Secular Wall

Don't expect the Delhi loss to dilute the BJP's communal campaigning in other states. The BJP is like the guy who tries to break a wall with his head and when he bleeds, he concludes that he should have hit his head harder on the wall. That's the extent of their Chanakya buddhi.

Their communal approach is core to who they are. The BJP can't not be the BJP. They can’t not put Hindus before everyone else. They can’t ever be in full favour of “Sabka saath, Sabka Vikas”.

The parts where they claim to "develop" India are the parts where they actively hide who they are. Their agenda, the RSS agenda, is and has always been Hindu supremacist. That's not going to change.

It's just that, every once in a while, they put on nice clothes, do photo-ops, speak at august gatherings, and hob-nob with NRIs to look like they are pan-Indian. But underneath all that sophistry is the same old vile agenda.

They will keep banging their head against the wall that stands between them and complete domination of India. They will do this in every state, every street, and from every stage. The best one can hope for is that their own pain will cause them to slow down from time to time. Because they are not going to stop. They can't.