I got interviewed AND released a new episode on Mythofiction

I got interviewed by the Passion People Podcast. You can listen to the first part here and the second part will be out on November 1. Subscribe to the Passion People Podcast so you don’t miss it.

Our conversation in this episode mostly spans being an artist, dealing with life as an artist, and getting angry about it all.

New episode of Yugantar

In other news, a new episode of Yugantar just dropped on the Mythofiction podcast. In this third installment of the story, Veer Das goes to the Tooth and performs before a live audience of asuras, vaanars, and humans.

Make sure you have listened to all the previous episodes or this one might confuse you.

Needless to say, if you like what you hear, tell your friends about the podcast and consider supporting the making of it by pledging $2 a month on Patreon. The podcast of course remains free for all to listen.

Now I need a nap.

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